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Yellowbrick Solution Profile of Key Criteria for Data Warehouse

This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in data management, featuring GigaOm analyst William McKnight and a special guest from Yellowbrick, CTO Mark Cusack. The Yellowbrick Solution Profile of Key Criteria for Data Warehouse will focus on several of the key criteria and evaluation metrics in the GigaOm Radar for Data Warehouses v2.0 and demonstrate Yellowbrick’s status as a Leader and potential as an Outperformer in the rapidly growing and competitive data warehouse space.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is engineered for mixed modern analytic workloads. With several interesting features, such as Advanced Workload Management, Advanced Security Features, Resource Pools, Data Lake integrations, BI Compatibility, custom device drivers, Yellowbrick Manager, and good deployment flexibility, Yellowbrick is designed to take on the most demanding analytic challenges of the organization.

Why Attend?

In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:
• Features in Security and Governance
• Features in Concurrency
• Features in Data Lake Integration
• Features in Business Intelligence Capabilities and Integrations

Get an unbiased expert evaluation of Yellowbrick’s standing and potential in the important and competitive data warehouse space.

Who Should Attend:
• Data Warehouse Architects
• Data Project Management and Sponsorship
• Data Platform Evaluators
• Data Integration Architects
• Analytics Team Members