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What’s Observability, and 5 Ways to Ensure Observability Success

This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in observability, featuring GigaOm analyst David Linthicum and a special guest from Splunk, Patrick Lin, VP of Product Management, Observability.

Monitoring is the passive consumption of information from systems under management, typically by leveraging dashboards to display the state of systems. Monitoring systems are purpose built for static systems or platforms that don’t change much over time.

On the other hand, observability leverages the ability to understand proactively – interrogate, analyze, investigate, and ask questions based on a continuous understanding or hypotheses. Observability, both a concept and technology, is purpose built for dynamic systems/platforms with widely changing complexity. Also, it can analyze “what if” and trending applications to predict a possible future failure.

So, what does observability mean to you? What are the core enabling technologies available? More importantly, what are the best practices that, if followed, can ensure success?

In this webinar, we’ll provide pragmatic advice around getting the value out of the concept of observability, as well as picking the right technology to meet your observability objective.

Why Attend?

Topic covered include:
• Observability as a concept. What is it? What is the value to the business?
• Taking stock of what needs to be observed.
• Defining the interfaces, data access points, and other details?
• Dealing with complexity and heterogeneity?
• How to make sense of things through the noise.
• Picking the right tool or tools.

Who Should Attend:
• CIOs
• IT Ops leaders
• CTOs
• DevOps engineers
• Site Reliability Staff