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The Essence of Observability

This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm features analysts David Linthicum and Andy Thurai and special guests from VMware, Harmen Van der Linde, Office of the CTO, and Clement Pang, Principal Engineer. The discussion focuses on how Observability enables organizations to respond to the evolving application management needs.

Monitoring of systems, infrastructure, and applications is familiar territory, but traditional approaches have become inadequate for multiple reasons— not least cloud and microservices-based architectures and practices such as continuous deployment. In response, Observability offers an emerging set of practices, platforms, and tools, such that events and incidents can be acted upon quickly.
In this 1-hour webinar, we’ll provide the findings from Gigaom’s Observability Key Criteria and Radar Report, together with insider commentary from the report’s authors and industry experts.

Above all, you will discover how you can gain a deeper level of visibility and insight with Observability. If you are moving to forward-facing application architecture or already there and grappling with the consequences, this webinar is for you.

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Why Attend?

You will learn:
• How Observability is founded upon key technology elements across logs, metrics, and traces?
• How to translate your requirements into an observability plan that maps to available solutions?
• How to optimize your observability solution to your needs and measure ROI.
• How to set longer-term observability strategy, including skill shifts and culture changes needed for success.

Who Should Attend:
• Chief Information Officer
• Chief Technology Officer
• VP/Director/Manager of Information Technology/Operations
• VP/Director/Manager of Development/Engineering
• Site Reliability Engineer
• DevOps Manager/Engineer