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Reliability Through Automation for Your Infrastructure and Applications at Scale

This free 45 minute webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in Incident Response and DevOps, featuring GigaOm analyst Michael Levan and a special guest from xMatters, Paul Porter, VP of Sales Engineering. The discussion will focus on the results of the xMatters incident response benchmarking.

As technology becomes more SaaS-based and organizations deploy applications in multiple clouds, there are requirements for more visibility into the cloud environment and better incident response and resolution automation capabilities. The two elements required to achieve this are integrations and workflows in an incident response software solution and effective experimentation, research, and testing in the cloud and on-premise. GigaOm undertook testing xMatters, an incident response platform, to check the availability and ease of use of workflows and integrations built into the solution, test automated incident response, and run experimentations to ensure that the integrations and workflows that were built to automate incident response work.

Why Attend?

In this 45 minute webinar, you will discover:
• Why automated on-call and incident resolution is required
• Considerations when choosing automated incident response (automated runbooks)
• Results of the xMatters testing
• How to set up an incident response environment

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Who Should Attend:
• CIOs
• CTOs
• DevOps Leaders
• Application SMEs
• ITOps Leaders
• QA engineers