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Managing Vulnerabilities in a Cloud Native World

This free 1-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in Cloud Native Vulnerability Management, featuring analyst Iben Rodriguez and special guest from Palo Alto Networks, John Morello. The discussion will focus on optimizing cloud security posture and integration with enterprise tool sets.

We will review platforms delivering Security Posture Management and Workload Protection for Microservice based and Hybrid Cloud Workloads.

Registrants will learn how new customers can benefit from Prisma Cloud to better secure their complex multi-cloud environments. Existing customers will learn about new features they can take advantage of and how to optimize their limited resources.

Register now to join GigaOm and Palo Alto Networks for this free expert webinar.

Why Attend?

Attend this webinar to learn how to:
• Monitor cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Oracle OCI, Alibaba Cloud.
• Shift security policies from right to left with DevOps Pipeline integrations providing feedback to developers.
• Enforce Micro-segmentation for Linux, Windows, and Kubernetes.
• Use various deployment models to defend Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS Fargate based workloads.
• Employ Vulnerability Management capabilities from code repositories to image registries including Windows, Serverless, and VMware Tanzu.
• Send alert notifications by email and chat using APIs to integrate with Third Party Tools like Jira, ServiceNow, etc.

Who Should Attend:
• Information Security Officers
• Vulnerability Management Team
• Members of Governance Regulatory and Compliance (GRC) Team
• Developers and Operations – DevOps