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Delivering on the Vision of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has affected organizations of all sizes and in all industries. While the need to become digital-first and more agile is now accepted, too often enterprises find their progress hampered by the complexity of their business processes and data landscape. Despite these challenges, there is a real need to manage compliance, governance, and risk.

In workplaces, this translates to how organizations deal with the increasingly large volumes of data — unstructured and structured — they have to cope with. Strategies exist across management, processes and tooling can help, not least considering how to centralize the management and control of data wherever it is. Such strategies need to be considered in the light of an overarching vision for change, and the need to take into account the realities of business.

Above all, we will learn essential elements of a response to these challenges, both from a process and technological perspective.

Why Attend?

In this webinar, GigaOm analyst Jon Collins and Microsoft expert Hemma Prafullchandra, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance look at new GigaOm research about the nature of risk in the digital age, across business and technology. Drawing on data from enterprises across the US and Europe, we discover:

• What are the key drivers for change, and areas of challenge, in this digital age
• What leading-edge organizations are doing in terms of strategies, priorities, and deployments
• What steps make the most difference, to move the organization into a better place

This webinar will be interesting to the following roles.

• Heads of Department
• Senior consultants and advisors