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Breaking Storage Trade-Offs with Do-it-All Storage. Is This Really Possible?

Join GigaOm analyst Enrico Signoretti, Jeff Denworth, Co-founder and CMO of VAST Data, as they explore the latest technology available and how to combine it to create the ultimate storage architecture that can deliver scalable all-flash performance at hard-drive costs. Imagine the possibilities when you can consolidate all of your data on a single no-compromise storage at archive economics.

Data storage is complex and expensive because we think about it in tiers, ending up with several data silos. Combining $/GB, IOPS, low latency, and high throughput in a single system was not possible in the past, but today we need all these characteristics together in order to face the challenges imposed by demanding workloads such as AI, HPC, or big data analytics and the unstoppable data growth.

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Why Attend?

Join this session with Enrico and Jeff to learn how you can now consolidate all of your data sets on a single platform. In this free 1-hour webinar, you will learn:
• Why it is time to eliminate storage tiers
• How new data and storage paradigms enable true data consolidation
• New architectures and best practices

Who Should Attend:
• CIOs
• CTOs
• Business Intelligence Architects
• Storage Architects
• Storage Admins and Engineers
• Head of Infrastructure
• Backup/Data protection Admins
• Data Scientists
• Data Stewards
• Cloud Architects