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Autonomous Data Pipelines: Motivation, Approach and Efficacy

For decades now, data pipelines have been authored manually, either through hand-coding or interactive visual design. This has resulted in operational brittleness and a disproportionate amount of resources spent on preparing data versus analyzing it.

This begs important questions like :

  • Can we use AI to create an autonomous data pipelining experience?
  • If we can achieve this, how will autonomous pipelines impact business and engineering teams?
  • What do autonomous pipelines mean for what’s possible in greenfield projects?
  • How will autonomous data integration scale data engineering productivity?
  • What aspects of autonomous data pipelines are being automated?

Why Attend?

In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:

• Why automation makes pipelines more durable
• Approaches for combining automation and human data engineering talent
• How domain expertise can be machine-implemented
• The importance of automating repeated pipeline tasks, making change suggestions, and optimizing data quality

Who Should Attend:

• CIOs
• CTOs
• Chief Data/Analytics Officers
• Business Intelligence Architects
• Data Engineers
• Data Scientists
• Machine Learning Engineers
• Data Steward