What Cloud Exchanges and Cloud Connectivity are all about

The reality is that most enterprises today rely on the public Internet for their business communication. However, the days of best-effort Internet are coming to an end and new options are emerging. Enterprises are looking for predictable and high-performance cloud connectivity with 24×7 availability because consistent connectivity is critical for ensuring user experience and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Hosting and colocation providers are realizing that space and power are becoming a commodity service, so they are beginning to offer higher value cloud exchange or cloud connect services to provide direct connectivity for their customers to global carriers, ISPs, Internet exchanges, content and CDN players, storage vendors and enterprise and ecosystem partners. This move facilitates incremental revenue opportunities by attracting new customer types, improves their product offerings, boosts customer retention and makes them more competitive.

Cloud Connect solutions allow colocation providers to offer enterprise customers high bandwidth, low-latency cloud connections that bypass the public Internet for superior throughput, reliability, security, and economics. Cloud Connect services combine the economics and service velocity of public clouds with the performance, reliability, and security of private connections. They are ideal for hybrid cloud deployments; enterprises can instantiate private clouds inside the colocation data center and leverage a public cloud provider for overflow, business continuity, backup, or sandbox development.

On Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 9am PT and 12pm ET, join Gigaom Research and sponsor BTI Systems as we examine the benefits of direct connectivity with the best performance or cost per application, at any time. This free analyst webinar panel discussion will present real-world use cases on the topic of “What Cloud Exchanges and Cloud Connectivity is all about”

Questions to address:

  • What benefits do enterprises incur by moving to a colocation site that has a cloud connect platform?
  • What challenges do colocation providers see in offering cloud connect services?
  • What is hype in the cloud connect area, and what is real?
  • How do cloud providers benefit by moving into colocation or exchange sites that offer cloud connect options?
  • How important and what are the benefits of self-service portals?
  • What are the benefits and ROI that ‘dynamic bandwidth’ or ‘cloud bursting’ satisfy with these evolving application demands and changing business requirements? Discuss examples.
  • Why is performance and predictability of connectivity a critical factor in enabling dynamic workloads and on-demand services enabled via virtual cloud environments?
  • What key features should businesses look for from a colocation provider in their cloud connect services platform?

Target Audience

  • Cloud Providers
  • Collocation Providers
  • Service Providers
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Decision Makers