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Unified Analytics: Moving Past Data Storage Chauvinism

Data lakes, data warehouses, their overlaps, rivalries, and coexistence have been discussed to the point of saturation. And yet industry players still can’t get to a resolution. Instead, everyone wants to win the storage wars. Warehouse vendors are trying to absorb the lake, lake vendors want to obviate the warehouse, and sometimes BI vendors want all the data in their local models. It seems like each platform seeks to be the definitive physical data repository.

Enough is enough. Different data lives in different places for different reasons. Instead of pursuing monolithic storage, the right goal is a unified approach to analytics. Find a platform that can query all your data, integrate and co-exist with other data platforms, and factor in data science, and you’ll be sitting pretty. The storage-centric approach is unproductive, and it’s time to transcend it.

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In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:
• Ways to align the interests of analysts, data engineers and data scientists
• The intersection between unified analytics and hybrid-/multi-cloud
• Approaches to accommodating complex data types in mainstream analytics
• How unified analytics drives comprehensive machine learning and AI

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