The Secure Cloud

As more and more organizations consider moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, it is critical to understand the security risks and also the opportunities of cloud computing. It is now a non-negotiable requirement for these organizations to develop and execute a comprehensive risk assessment framework as they upload valuable business information, mission critical applications, and realtime business workflow and process into a cloud environment. At the same time, cloud services represent a new opportunity to re-architect and potentially even fortify corporate security. This webinar will examine the biggest cloud security risks, talk about how companies can comprehensively assess risk and ultimately create a more secure cloud IT environment, and how cloud represent a new beginning for IT to create a more secure enterprise.


What You Will Learn

  • Assessing security tradeoffs and advantages from cloud-based IT infrastructure.
  • Designing a risk assessment framework.
  • Extending virtualized and cloud-based security services off your premises.
  • Implementing cost-effective threat-management services.

Who Should Attend

  • CIOs, CTOs
  • Cloud platform executives and managers
  • IT managers and security consultants
  • C-level executives and VPs in Fortune 500 companies