The Global Cloud

While today’s multinational corporations have learned to scale their business globally, many are still trying to do the same with their IT and web presence. The challenge is many businesses today utilize regional approaches and providers for their underlying IT architecture, and getting to global scale takes a coordinated approach spanning both regional and business unit lines, as well as often requiring multiple service and technology provider partners. In this webinar, we discuss the milestones that indicate when a business is ready to develop a global cloud strategy and the challenges to developing that strategy. We will also examine some case studies of companies that created a worldwide cloud strategy and how these efforts worked in real-world implementation.


What You Will Learn:

  • Does worldwide presence and planning matter in the age of cloud?
  • How can a company evolve from a regional cloud solutions and create a worldwide cloud strategy?
  • What services and product offerings (some? all?) are a fit for utilizing cross-regional, worldwide cloud providers vs. regionally focused?
  • Can you integrate regional and multi-regional cloud platform providers?
  • Understand best practices in evolving a regional to worldwide cloud strategy.

Who Should Attend

  • CIOs
  • Cloud platform executives and managers
  • IT managers
  • Consultants
  • C-level executives and VPs in Fortune 500 companies
  • Journalists