Solving Enterprise Networking Challenges with SDN

The Enterprise LAN is complex operational challenge for network professionals. Devices are widely distributed, easily accessible and the first point of connectivity for a increasing variety of devices. Printers, WiFi access points, IP Cameras in addition to desktops and laptops. Maintaining control of end-points, data flows and network devices is a major issue.

The Enterprise backbone is time consuming and expensive due to the high cost of laying fibre between buildings to support a spanning tree hierarchical design. Digging trenches, checking riser capacity and locating termination trays take time. If only mesh networks were possible to build and easier to operate ?

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is more than a Data Centre technology. It is a wave of new technologies that offer new ways to Build, Configure and Collect.

Build – SDN offers new ways to build networks. Replace the tree designs with full or partial mesh architectures that significantly change how the network architecture works and reduce cabling to save on trenching, riser and termination costs.

Configure – SDN uses software to configure the network in a coherent, end-to-end and visual way that makes operation simpler and more obvious so that your time is spent on more valuable tasks.

Collect – Most Enterprise networks are limited by SNMP for data collection and the result is poor quality network management systems. SDN provides new ways to monitor and operate the network on a day to day basis.

And finally, the Enterprise LAN needs security features to control and protect the users connected to the network.

In this webinar an expert panel will examine the security and visibility needs of mesh SDN networks by examining the security challenges faced by businesses in distributed SDN environments. The webinar will also present real-world case studies of companies who excelling at providing a superior customer experience for their applications and their sites. Join Gigaom Research and our sponsor NEC for “Solving Enterprise Networking Challenges with SDN,” a free analyst webinar on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 at 10 a.m. PT.

Questions to address:

  • Comparing tree and mesh architectures for distributed SDN in the Enterprise LAN environments?
  • What are the ideal use cases for utilizing SDN for meshed enterprise environment?
  • How does SDN provide better visibility and analytics ?
  • How do the security needs and tolerances of SDN environments differ from traditional distributed environments?
  • What factors are critical to superior security and control in SDN networks?

Target Audience

  • CIOs and CTOs
  • IT decision-makers and strategists
  • IT architects