Solving big data challenges with in-memory technology

There is an incredible amount of buzz in the industry right now about in-memory databases, but understanding the correct use cases for these solutions is less clear. Knowing where to use in-memory technology to enable data-driven decision making, better engagement with customers, discover competitive advantages and reduce costs, is propelling many companies ahead of their less-data savvy competitors. In this webinar we will look at why in-memory technology is getting so much attention and the benefits it offers as well as the business value it can drive. We’ll also discuss the challenges it presents and how the overall market is changing in light of the evolving database technology landscape.

Join Gigaom Research and MemSQL for “Solving big data challenges with in-memory technology,” a free analyst webinar on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

What will be discussed:

  • Real time big data challenges
  • What are in-memory databases suited for?
  • How customers are using next-generation SQL DBMS technology to solve these problems
  • Different approaches to solving the volume, velocity, variety problem
  • Challenges and opportunities

Target audience:

  • CIOs; CFOs, CTOs
  • Data analysts
  • DBAs
  • IT decision makers
  • Enterprise architects