Predictive Analytics 101: What Can it Do for You?

Understanding customer behavior is critical, but predicting future behavior is a goldmine. Knowing when customers are ready to buy or cancel or identifying risk before an incident occurs could mean the difference between success and failure, but how much can we really know about the future, and how should we apply that insight to our business?

Like any application of technology, predictive analytics is more appropriate in some cases than others, and it carries a special set of requirements. This Webinar will examine the future of predictive analytics, evaluate more and less suitable use cases, and provide steps businesses can take to incorporate predictive analytics cost effectively.  Join Gigaom Research and our sponsor RapidMiner for “Predictive Analytics 101: What Can It Do for You?” a free analyst roundtable webinar on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Key topics of discussion

  • How much can predictive analytics truly predict?

  • Which industries and businesses are making the most of predictive analytics, and what can others learn from them?

  • What is the difference between business intelligence and predictive analytics?

  • How do businesses analyze a combination of structured and unstructured data?

  • What technical, operational, and staffing changes does a predictive analytics program require?

Who should attend

  • CIOs and CTOs

  • Data scientists

  • Application developers

  • System and network administrators

  • IT decision-makers

  • Line of business managers