Maximizing value and minimizing risk with a managed approach to hybrid cloud

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For most organizations today, the cloud is one part of a mixed IT environment. The exact mix may vary, but modern organizations often make some use of public cloud infrastructure and applications, and some use of private cloud infrastructure running inside their own data centers. There may also be a set of workloads that are not – yet – suitable for moving to any cloud.

Private cloud deployments tend to be driven and managed by internal IT departments, offered as a service across the business. Public cloud adoption, on the other hand, has been more of a grassroots affair, with individual developers or small teams identifying a requirement and using a credit card to rent the resources they think they need. The IT department may not even know what is happening. As the applications and workloads running in the cloud become increasingly important to the business, recognition has grown that this lack of control or visibility is problematic.

At one level, the business may not be making the most effective use of available cloud resources. Teams may each be procuring separate cloud solutions, and failing to gain value from shared experiences, shared knowledge, and shared infrastructure. More seriously, the business is probably spending far more than it needs to on under-utilized infrastructure, and may even be storing or processing customer data in ways that regulators and customers would find alarming.

By adopting a more managed approach to cloud adoption across the business, it should be possible to give developers the freedom and flexibility they have come to expect, while also ensuring that the business manages resources and data more effectively.

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  • How is cloud consumption evolving?
  • What are the risks of letting current models of cloud use continue?
  • How can a business gain visibility and control over cloud use, without alienating developers?
  • What are the advantages of adopting a managed approach to the hybrid cloud?


  • CIOs, CTOs
  • Enterprise architects
  • VPs of Infrastructure
  • IT decision makers
  • Application developers
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Service Providers