Mastering the business side of SaaS and IaaS

IaaS and SaaS providers are stretched thin staying on top of generating revenue and the latest infrastructure technologies upon which to build their services, but it’s just as important to get the business side of things right. Nailing the billing and invoicing, CRM, order management, marketplace creation, and a host of other business services is crucial for emerging IaaS and SaaS providers to thrive in what has become the new model of IT delivery and consumption.

In this Gigaom webinar, the panelists will discuss the current state of business management at IaaS and SaaS providers, common shortcomings of current solutions, the impact on customers, and the degree to which IaaS and SaaS providers can integrate manual processes, and streamline billing and provisioning to help drive the business forward. We will also discuss a case study in which a service provider was able to create a successful reseller channel in the cloud.

Join Gigaom Research and Interworks for “Mastering the business side of SaaS and IaaS,” a free analyst webinar on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

What Will Be Discussed

  • How are business management services being handled by IaaS and SaaS providers today?

  • What are the alternatives?

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches?

  • How can data fragmentation be mitigated and what are the benefits of an integrated data ecosystem?

  • What are some lessons learned from providers that have been successful at managing an IaaS or SaaS business?

Who Should Attend

  • IaaS and SaaS provider CIOs/CTOs

  • COOs

  • Business decision-makers

  • Application Developers