Innovations in Flash Storage and their impact on Analytics

To automate decision-making and capture competitive insight, enterprises require massive computing resources that store and mine ever-growing amounts of data.  With big data, high-performance storage is every bit as critical as processing power.  Flash-based storage provides significant I/O performance, reliability, and efficiency advantages over disk that make it an ideal tool for big data analytics.

Implemented properly, flash-based storage can be a critical component of the high-performance systems necessary to meet real-time demands and detailed analytics requests. This Webinar will evaluate the potential for flash in analytics-heavy environments and examine the most cost-effective, business-appropriate migration path toward flash.

Join Gigaom Research and Steve Fingerhut from our sponsor SanDisk for “Innovations in Flash Storage and their impact on Analytics,” a free analyst roundtable webinar on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Key topics of discussion

●      What are the benefits of flash-based storage devices in accelerating analytics?

●      How can these devices enhance performance in business analytics using tools such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases?

●      What are the various kinds of flash storage for the enterprise market?

  • SAS/SATA SSDs, PCIe SSDs, and Flash on DIMMs

●      Is it realistic to use flash in multiple tiers of the data center?

●      What are future trends in accelerating applications for the enterprise?

Who should attend

●      CIOs

●      CTOs

●      Data Scientists

●      Database Administrators

●      Enterprise architects

●      IT decision-makers

●      Storage managers

●      IT managers