How Will Work and Enterprise IT Change in the New Era of Mobility

Last quarter, smartphones outsold PCs for the first time ever, leaving no doubt that we have truly entered the post-PC era. Nowhere is this more evident than in the workplace, where employees across levels and industries embrace mobility as a productivity and workplace communication lifeline.

This growth of the mobile enterprise will be further fueled by the rapid acceptance of the tablet computing. As new devices such as the iPad, Android tablets and HP’s new WebOS-based platforms become increasingly commonplace, they will both enable new applications and use-cases for enterprise mobile computing while at the same time increase platform fragmentation to new levels.

As new devices proliferate and today’s workforce becomes increasingly distributed, understanding how to adapt in this new era of mobility will become crucial to businesses of all sizes. Gain insights into adapting to this new era by attending a free webinar on March 16th at 10 a.m. PDT from GigaOM Pro and sponsor iPass.

What You Will Learn

  • How does the proliferation of mobile devices impact the security of enterprise networks?
  • What role does cloud computing play in the adoption of mobility in the enterprise?
  • What is the cost of managing a mobile workforce and how do you measure that against the direct and indirect business benefits of enterprise mobility?
  • What does the modern mobile worker look like and are they a leading indicator for the broader business workforce?

Who Should Attend

  • CIOs
  • IT decision makers
  • C-level business managers
  • Service provider executives
  • Enterprise technology vendors