How to Deal With Information Overload in the Multivendor Business Cloud

Many cloud-based services deliver on their promise of low-friction adoption, business agility and scalability. The bad news: The proliferation of SaaS offerings creates a whole new set of data silos. While individual workers are embracing business cloud services in droves, it’s virtually impossible for them to make sense of the data streaming in from disparate CRM, ERP, HCM, help desk and PLM systems (e.g., Salesforce, Office 365, Workday, Netsuite).Toggling each cloud’s app to try to integrate the information just doesn’t work. The ensuing information overload results in poor decisions, missed opportunities … or worse.

Creating coherent and harmonious information from business data streams will be an integral part of the new digital workplace. Solving cloud cacophony represents a huge opportunity for enterprise IT to get ahead of the digital workplace curve, as well as for business cloud service providers and traditional system integrators eager to transition to the new cloud reality.

This Gigaom Research analyst roundtable will explore the challenges of the multivendor business cloud world. It will introduce the concept of the workstream and discuss how it can harmonize discordant business cloud silos.  Drawing upon real-world examples, the roundtable will present practical strategies that enterprise IT professionals, cloud service providers and system integrators can implement today. Join Gigaom Research and harmon.ie for “How to Deal With Information Overload in the Multivendor Business Cloud,” a free analyst webinar on Tuesday, February 17, at 10AM PT.

Key Questions

  • How are business cloud services creating information overload and incompatible data silos for workers?
  • What challenges is this cacophonic cloud world creating for individual workers and businesses?
  • How do these challenges create new business opportunities for traditional system integrators, cloud service providers, and managed cloud service providers?
  • How can management align with IT in implementing the modern workstream?
  • What practical steps should enterprises, integrators, and cloud service providers take today to take advantage of the multivendor cloud world?

Who Should Attend

  • Innovative IT management
  • Cloud systems integrators and service providers
  • Functional and line-of-business management
  • Business cloud service providers