Future-proof your Data Center by Leveraging the Application-defined Data Center

Enterprise IT relentlessly tries to better understand of the applications and data requirements of their workloads. They are on a constant quest to understand what infrastructure will provide the best fit, at the lowest risk and cost. That understanding will ultimately determine the right target platform – whether it is locally hosted on-premises, leverages a colocation provider, or the public Cloud.  Core considerations include latency, resiliency, location, security, governance, cost, expansion, management, etc.

Enterprises should define their application requirements at a detail level, and then leverage those requirements to define the right architecture and select the best platform.  This process will identify and define the proper use of data center assets, and how cloud-based platforms may or may not fit into the mix.

Finally, security and governance are often overlooked, and are directly related to application requirements.  Thus, enterprises need to determine the needs of the applications, and then back the right security and governance models into those requirements.  After needs are determined, select the proper security and governance technology.

Join Gigaom Research and our sponsor IO for “Future-proof your Data Center by Leveraging the Application-defined Data Center” a free analyst webinar on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 10 a.m. PT. In this webinar panel discussion, an expert panel will discuss which type of infrastructure is most suitable to various applications and workloads.

Questions to address:

  • What systemic qualities to look for in your provider of opensource-based infrastructure?
  • What are the cost considerations associated with building your scale-out cloud infrastructure?
  • Why for certain applications and workloads, the data center can provide a better platform for applications, based upon the application requirements?
  • Why your data center does not replace the use of cloud computing; indeed, it makes the use of cloud-based assets more valuable?
  • How can the ability to gateway into public cloud services help your business?
  • Why integration with your existing applications and systems should be your critical decision criterion?
  • Why it is critical to understand associated pitfalls of do it yourself (DIY) approaches when architecting your enterprise cloud infrastructure?

Target Audience:

  • CIOs and CTOs
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • IT Decision Makers
  • Cloud Service Providers