Future of Mobile Content Distribution

Today content flows to the mobile user through a variety of channels. From app stores to the mobile web to carrier storefronts, consumers are bombarded with a variety of options for rich-media content. This webinar, originally held on Sept. 15, 2010, explores the ways in which the mobile user will easily and immediately access and securely purchase the content that is most relevant to their unique lifestyle. Join GigaOM Pro for this free one-hour roundtable conversation that examines how this market will change in the coming years, what the ecosystem will look like and who its key players are.

What will you learn?

  • Search, discovery and recommendations for mobile content
  • App stores vs. the open web
  • The role of carriers in mobile content
  • Devices and consumer consumption: What will rule?
  • Monetization models for mobile content: ad vs. paid
  • The impact of location on mobile content

Who should attend?

  • Venture capitalists and investors
  • Mobile carrier executives
  • Mobile platform and handset executives
  • Digital and premium content executives
  • Content distribution executives
  • Software executives

Watch It Now

A moderated roundtable conversation with unique perspectives from our three experts. Click play to watch this highly informative, hour-long conversation about the future of video communications!