Flash storage: When, Why, and How to Get There

With dramatically higher throughput and lower latency, flash-based SSDs offer an obvious performance boost over traditional storage solutions. Still, flash storage commands a premium, and many businesses struggle to justify investments in new storage technology when existing solutions are performing adequately.

Implemented properly, flash storage can not only enhance existing applications, but create entirely new ones. To take advantage of these improvements and build an implementation plan that offers the best return on their investment, businesses must understand the use cases best-suited to flash technology and budget accordingly. Join Gigaom Research and our sponsor Coho Data for “Flash Storage: When, Why, and How to Get There,” a free analyst roundtable webinar that will help businesses understand the value of flash storage and build a sensible, staged implementation plan to maximize benefits while reducing risk. This live webinar will be hosted Thursday, May 1, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Key topics of discussion

  • What are the functional advantages and operational efficiencies of Flash-based SSDs?

  • What are benefits and drawbacks of hybrid approaches?

  • Can lower latency and higher IOPS enable entirely new products and services?

  • How can businesses determine what level of performance improvement is worth the cost and disruption of an upgrade?

  • What are the staffing and operational concerns of managing flash-based and hybrid storage?

  • How can businesses avoid vendor lock-in and take advantage of continually dropping flash prices?

Who should attend

  • CIOs and CTOs

  • Storage architects

  • Directors and VPs of IT