Building the Automated Office: A Step-by Step Plan for Efficiency

The paper-based office is a mess. Lost documents, manual processes, and pockets of “tribal knowledge” among workers provide endless opportunities to drop the ball, lose the customer, or waste time and money. Most businesses understand that digitizing documents and automating enterprise workflows is a worthwhile goal, but how do they get there?

The journey to automation can be complicated. Mobility and other trends are changing the way we interface with corporate data at an unprecedented rate. Manual processes are inefficient, but they are flexible enough to handle change. Building an automated system that supports creativity and evolution is no small task, and business cannot stop while IT develops new systems. It’s also important to note that no business runs in a vacuum. Existing systems provide real value, and cannot be discounted. Partners, customers, contractors and employees are all affected by back office changes, and any system must take their needs and constraints into account.

In this Gigaom Research Webinar, we will evaluate the opportunity for document and workflow automation, examine the barriers to adoption and implementation, and present a list of steps enterprises can take to plan and justify a value-focused transition to an automated business. Join Gigaom Research and Adobe for “Building the Automated Office: A Step-by Step Plan for Efficiency,” a free analyst webinar on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, at 10 a.m. PT.

What Will Be Discussed:

  • How can businesses justify budgets and planning for office automation?
  • Who should define requirements and workflows, and which workflows should receive priority?
  • What are the regulatory and technical hurdles to workflow automation?
  • What is the role of existing content management, project management, and other software?
  • How can enterprises encourage adoption and usage of automated workflows and electronic documents?

Who Should Attend:

  • Executives
  • Human Resources and Legal Professionals
  • Project Management Professionals