The Increasing Value of E-Signatures for Driving Automation and Compliance

This free one-hour webinar from GigaOm Research brings together experts in e-zignatures, featuring GigaOm analyst Bill Witter and special guest from Nitro, Chief Product Officer Sam Thorpe. “The Increasing Value of e-signatures for Driving Automation and Compliance” will focus on how e-signatures have become critical solutions for driving business benefit in modern operations. The presentation will also explore key functionality to consider when assessing solutions in this market.

Fast, efficient, and remote document execution has emerged as a critical enabler of modern-day business strategy. E-signature solutions have evolved to meet this need, adding functionality that drives automation, compliance, and significant cost savings for enterprises of any size. Key features such as data field configuration and advanced distribution help eliminate physical bottlenecks and transform traditional document processes.

Find out more about how the e-signature market is changing, what advanced functionality is now offered, and how to leverage these solutions in a remote-first, highly distributed environment.

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