Relational Databases in the Cloud: Masters of Federation

Relational database management systems (RDBMSes) have been around for a long time, and they are very much still with us. The on-premises workloads that RDBMSes have traditionally handled remain mission-critical, but these databases also work extremely well in the cloud—not just by lifting, shifting, and adjusting to it, but by taking on important new workloads there.

At the same time, data has become cloud-first and is distributed across nodes, regions, and different clouds. In this new normal of “federated everything,” RDBMSes don’t just work well as repositories for data. They work as control networks and repositories of metadata for all your other databases, too. Much as data lakes, warehouses, and BI systems can serve as single sources of truth for analytics, distributed relational databases can serve as single systems of operational truth.To learn more about the continued and expanding role of relational databases, join us for this webinar from GigaOm Research. The webinar features Andrew Brust, GigaOm Analyst, and special guest Jim Walker, Principal Product Evangelist from Cockroach Labs, makers of CockroachDB.

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