Kubernetes Resource Management Solutions

Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for container orchestration, and organizations today often operate many Kubernetes clusters across public and private-infrastructure resources. While Kubernetes provides an abstraction layer to run applications across any public or private infrastructure, it adds significant complexity (such as allowing developers to define or omit their resource requests). Robust capacity management and resource planning is required to avoid cost overruns and service degradation, while deep expertise in Kubernetes is needed to troubleshoot issues across hundreds or thousands of applications sharing a cluster.

As GigaOm Analyst Shea Stewart explains in this GigaOm Analyst Insight Video, Kubernetes resource management solutions analyze configuration and resource usage continuously across all Kubernetes platforms within an organization. They surface configuration issues and guide application and platform owners toward configurations that align with business needs. When implemented properly, these solutions ensure the availability of their platforms and applications while minimizing infrastructure waste.

This AIV presentation draws on research conducted for the Key Criteria Report for Evaluating Kubernetes Resource Management Solutions and the GigaOm Radar Report for Kubernetes Resource Management Solutions. It provides an overview of the workings of Kubernetes resource management solutions and explores the specific key criteria, evaluation metrics, and emerging technologies that IT decision-makers should consider when selecting a solution. The presentation also explores the findings of the GigaOm Radar report, which provides a detailed competitive analysis of nine Kubernetes resource management vendor solutions.

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