Investing in the AI Revolution

The tech world moves fast, and no one wants to get left behind.

Emerging technologies like generative AI, large language models, and open-source platforms have the potential to completely transform individual businesses or even entire industries. Those who embrace them will profit, while those who don’t will become irrelevant.

Yet a “Hype Cycle” also tends to accommodate new technologies. Several new movements in the tech world that were believed to be the Next Big Thing turned out not to be. 3D printing and NFTs are recent examples.

How should forward-thinking and growth-minded investors separate out the game-changers from the flashes-in-the-pan? What new technologies are actually gaining momentum, and which will never live up to their expectations?

To answer those questions, we’ve brought in experts 7investing CEO Simon Erickson, and Howard Holton, the Chief Technology Officer of GigaOm.

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