Cloud Networking Solutions

Cloud networking software enables data transmission within and between clouds by deploying  and orchestrating virtual network functions (VNFs). Cloud networking is entirely software driven. Each virtual appliance plays a role in defining how the cloud entities communicate among themselves at a logical level, while enabling connectivity across different data centers and cloud providers. The result: A virtualized network environment that companies can tune and tailor to their specific needs.

In this GigaOm Analyst Insight Video, Analyst Logan Andrew Green explores the capabilities, challenges, and benefits of working with cloud network solutions. He draws on research that he and Analyst Chris Grundemann conducted for two GigaOm reports: the Key Criteria Report for Evaluating Cloud Networking Solutions, and the GigaOm Radar Report for Cloud Networking.

Green’s presentation offers actionable guidance to IT decision-makers, and lays out the framework of key criteria, evaluation metrics, and emerging technologies to guide a cloud networking decision. He also presents results from his GigaOm Radar report, which provides detailed comparative analysis of vendor solutions.

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