Attack Surface Management Solutions

An attack surface management (ASM) solution addresses any piece of an organization’s technology infrastructure that an attacker can interact with or manipulate. It automatically scans and identifies infrastructure that is subject to threat, providing continuous discovery and insight into an organization’s attack surface and building a proper management process around it, including the tracking of asset details.

As GigaOm Analyst Chris Ray explains in this GigaOm Analyst Insight VIdeo on Attack Surface Management (ASM), an organization’s attack surface is dynamic—it can change daily, if not more often. Tracking these changes in an automated fashion is a key capability for an ASM solution. But simply knowing the breadth and composition of the attack surface is not sufficient. Enumerating the types of assets in the attack surface as well as the severity of risks presented rounds out the value proposition an ASM solution offers.

This Analyst Insight Video exploration is based on research presented in the Key Criteria Report for Evaluating Attack Surface Management Solutions and the GigaOm Radar Report for Attack Surface Management. Ray offers insight into the key criteria, evaluation metrics, and emerging technologies that IT decision-makers should consider when adopting an ASM solution.

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