Application and API Protection Solutions

Modern applications are composed of the application itself and the APIs that represent application subsystems. API-first approaches, service-oriented architectures, and microservices have made APIs integral to application functionality, both at the back end and within the applications themselves. Now IT leadership finds itself challenged to protect the emerging and expanding surface area presented by API-driven architectures.

This GigaOm Analyst Insight Video offers an overview of application and API protection solutions that can help organizations keep their modern applications safe. In the video, GigaOm Analyst Don MacVittie explains how solutions combine the capabilities of traditional web application firewall (WAF) with those of API protection systems, as well as how capabilities like AI/ML are improving scanning, detection, and configuration of applications and APIs to reduce threats.

This video draws on MacVittie’s research for two GigaOm reports: The Key Criteria Report for Evaluating Application and API Protection Solutions and the GigaOm Radar Report for Application and API Protection. In the presentation, MacVittie describes the detailed decision-making framework he developed for the Key Criteria report, and provides a glimpse at the results of his in-depth competitive analysis of ten solution vendors from the GigaOm Radar report.

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