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The GigaOm Radar synthesizes our practitioner-led, data-driven analysis of a technology sector. GigaOm analysts select solutions based on support for table stakes—features we expect all solutions in the sector to provide. They then score both the capabilities that differentiate solutions (Key Features) and the non-functional requirements that impact the value solutions have to the organization (Business Criteria). Vendors are positioned on the Radar chart based on their relative scores.

The closer to the center of the Radar chart a vendor sits, the better its execution and value, with top performers occupying the inner Leaders circle.


Emphasis on stability and continuity; may be slower to innovate.


Flexible and responsive to market; may invite disruption.


Offers specific functionality and use case support; may lack broad capability.


Offers broad functionality and use case support; may heighten complexity.

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Radars are typically published 2-4 weeks after the fact check deadline.

Typically, you will receive correspondence for the Radar factual review about 3 to 4 weeks after the briefings have wrapped up. In this way, you can easily increase your engagement with the customers and turn them into loyal customers.

We will work with our sales and analyst teams to identify other Radars your company is featured in and will endeavor to share approximate timelines for fact check.

  1. Largely the answer is down to table stakes, i.e. the set of things a tech solution category does. Relevance is defined by functionality, not market presence. In this way we’re following the same steps as a technology buyer and creating a level playing field (as best we can) for evaluation.
  2. This means we’re looking from the perspective of the technical buyer, not the marketing-driven seller. Just because a vendor doesn’t come up against certain companies in sales, that doesn’t mean they aren’t relevant, particularly given how fast markets can change.
  3. To help make things clear for participants, we’re (planning on) creating a set of inclusion criteria for each report. We also welcome conversations with vendors about what categories they feel they do play in, as part of how we put our research schedule together.

If you are interested in leveraging reprint rights after the Radar is completed, you can contact our sales team for more info.

There is no cost associated with being included in GigaOm Radars. If you are interested in leveraging reprint rights after the GigaOm Radar is completed, we can put you in touch with our sales team.

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