Provide a snapshot for CxOs to understand your Tech solution

Help CxOs understand the value proposition of your tech solution, along with key benefits for quick insight into a 30/60/90 days plan to operationalize.

Gigabrief report benefits

Quickly understand what your tech does

Rapidly help CxOs identify new technologies to adopt and gain deeper insight with the value proposition to your business.

Gigabrief report benefits

Insight into a 30/60/90 day plan

Incorporate strategic assessment and level setting, pursue business and IT buy-in, establish training and metrics

Clearly identify costs and benefits

Up to 5x faster to create applications than traditional development. Learn how to cut costs for some projects by up to 50%.

GigaOm Research Subscription

How GigaBriefs help you make the right decision.

Understand the value proposition of a tech solution, along with key benefits and the level of urgency for adoption. Appreciate the risk level for adoption and leverage quick insight into a 30/60/90 days plan to operationalize.

Gain an executive advantage with GigaOm’s executive briefs, summarizing emerging technology.

Feel confident in your ability to deliver short analyses of emerging technology trends to your senior leadership team.

Helping Practitioners and Vendors Succeed

Ishan Mukherjee, New Relic SVP of Marketing

Ron Williams is an exceptional analyst who brings the perspective of being in this industry for over 5 decades, and GigaOm follows a thorough methodology which gives us confidence to both use their insights to guide our strategy and share with our communities to inform their decisions.

Atul Deshpande, Principal Solutions Architect, RedHat

I depend on my GigaOm research subscription to help me navigate the technology vendor landscape and keep me ahead of industry trends.”


The GigaOM CXO Decision Brief serves as a great enablement resource for our prospects and internal team on the business value of our solution. It was a pleasure working with the GigaOM team for this project and we’ve already received very positive end user feedback on the brief.

Large Energy Company

Leader in emerging cloud and data technologies. I like the radar and key criteria reports you have produced. Lots of information presented in a ‘easy to consume’ format


“GigaOm’s Radar is distinctive – it’s looking at the product attributes rather than the market share of a company. Market share is a ‘rear view’ metric – and isn’t very useful given the pace of technological change.”


“Digital native with top experts on new technologies like Object storage, Kubernetes, AIOps.”

Large Insurance Company

The GigaOm reports have a palpable, solid bedrock that is based on tech and delivered by people that know what they’re talking about. They give me insights about the current state of the market and where each vendor/product is trending towards.

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GigaOm is 90% more cost effective than Gartner

GigaOm is


more cost effective than Gartner

Frequently asked GigaBrief questions

Yes, please contact us to find out more about our methodology and research for the GigaBrief processes.

GigaBriefs are typically publish 2-4 weeks after the fact check deadline.

Typically, you will receive correspondence for the GigaBrief factual review about 3 to 4 weeks after the briefings have wrapped up. In this way, you can easily increase your engagement with the customers and turn them into loyal customers.

We will work with our sales and analyst teams to identify other reports your company is featured in, and will endeavor to share approximate timelines for fact check.

1. Largely the answer is down to table stakes, i.e. the set of things a tech solution category does. Relevance is defined by functionality, not market presence. In this way we’re following the same steps as a technology buyer and creating a level playing field (as best we can) for evaluation.

2. This means we’re looking from the perspective of the technical buyer, not the marketing-driven seller. Just because a vendor doesn’t come up against certain companies in sales, that doesn’t mean they aren’t relevant, particularly given how fast markets can change.

3. To help make things clear for participants, we’re (planning on) creating a set of inclusion criteria for each report. We also welcome conversations with vendors about what categories they feel they do play in, as part of how we put our research schedule together.


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