Getting Started with Value Stream Management

Getting Started with Value Stream Management Value stream management (VSM) has been one of the hottest buzzwords in DevOps over the last few years—but what does it actually mean in practice, and how can DevOps professionals implement VSM in a way that helps them achieve more without disrupting their existing pipelines? I sat down with […]

Beyond Agile: 4 Lessons to Better Software Development

The widespread adoption of Agile, coupled with the rise of DevOps, means you’d be forgiven for thinking software development is now an easy, stress-free process. But whenever I speak to developers in the field that’s not the experience they describe. Missed deadlines, accumulating technical debt, and high workloads are all common struggles in the developer […]

Security By Design: Why DevSecOps Is So Important

“In a relatively short time, we’ve taken a system built to resist destruction by nuclear weapons and made it vulnerable to toasters.” Jeff Jarmoc’s sadly hilarious tweet about Internet security in the wake of the epic 2016 Dyn DDOS attack says a lot about the challenge facing every enterprise today. That is: Security doesn’t work […]

Inside Research: Value Stream Management

DevOps’ Next Level: Value Stream Management Faster isn’t better when you’re running full speed the wrong way. That’s the message coming from the nascent discipline of value stream management (VSM), which seeks to refine and improve the efforts of DevOps teams steeped in the Agile culture of sprints and rapid releases. VSM tools help managers […]

Why Should You Bother with Value Stream Management?

What is Value Stream Management? Value Stream Management (VSM) is the TLA du jour among software development tools, so is it relevant to your organization? We can separate this question into three parts: philosophy, approach, and benefits. First, a bit of history: like so many dev practices, the term originated in manufacturing, specifically lean engineering. […]

Hybrid Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, AI/ML, Containers, and DevOps… Oh My!

When it rains it pours. It seems regarding Enterprise IT technology innovation,  it is common for multiple game-changing innovations to hit the street simultaneously. Yet, if ever the analogy of painting the car while its traveling down the highway is suitable, it’s this time. Certainly, you can take a wait and see approach with regard […]