Ron Williams is an exceptional analyst who brings the perspective of being in this industry for over 5 decades, and GigaOm follows a thorough methodology that gives us the confidence to both use their insights to guide our strategy and share with our communities to inform their decisions.

Ishan Mukherjee, New Relic SVP of Marketing

I depend on my GigaOm research subscription to help me navigate the technology vendor landscape and keep me ahead of industry trends.

Atul Deshpande, Principal Solutions Architect, RedHat

I am a big fan of your service. Radar reports probably save a good week’s worth of research into the players in the market, and who we actually need to care about. It definitely delivers additional value because I’m getting that wider field view than just the vendors we know. We end up making better decisions for something that’s more feature rich. Realistically, it probably adds an additional 20-30% value to our research process. GigaOm Radar reports are super cost effective for the areas I need information on.

Patrick McMorran, FCP Euro VP of Technology Strategy & Operations