gigaom-market-outreach-goodSponsored content and activities are a powerful way to reach your market. Gigaom’s objective, insightful analysis lends context and clarification on the position of your products and services in the marketplace.

Sponsored Topics

Sponsors focused in a specific area may sponsor a topic of the Gigaom website. Topic areas include Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Work Futures, the Internet of Things, Work Technology, and others. Topics may be sponsored by the month or quarter.

Articles / Blog Posts

Sponsored articles and posts are written by qualified Gigaom analysts on themes and topics of you choice. Posts are identified as sponsored through styling and inclusion of sponsor’s logo. They appear in the Sponsored content section on the Gigaom home page. They are aggregated on the Sponsor’s page. A series of sponsored posts is recommended for maximum impact. Once sponsored, the post is sponsored forever on the site.

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Work with Gigaom analysts to develop a topic, agenda, and content for webinars.
Gigaom will provide a professional moderator. Other participants may include Gigaom analysts or representatives from your organization. End-to-end production may be handled by Gigaom, or through your platform provider. Webinars are promoted on the Gigaom website, newsletter, and social channels. More details on Gigaom Webinars.

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Work with a Gigaom analyst to develop a topic and agenda for a tweetchat. Gigaom will provide an expert analyst to moderate the session. Tweetchats will be promoted on the Gigaom website, in the newsletter, and social channels.

Reports and Surveys

Publish original research reports and in areas of critical strategic importance. Gigaom analysts can help frame the questions, provide the analysis, and deliver the report. Reports will be published at Gigaom, promoted in the Gigaom newsletter, and promoted through Gigaom social channels. Reprint rights are available.

Speaking Engagements / Workshops

Gigaom analysts are available to speak at industry conferences, public conferences, or private meetings. In these engagements, the analyst may present research and industry observations. Sponsors are responsible for travel expenses.

Contact [email protected] for more information about sponsorship at Gigaom.