Individuals, vendors, and corporate clients can subscribe to our research publications:

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Services for Tech Vendors

Gigaom’s services for technology vendors is often a blend of research, analysis, consulting, and outreach activities.

Activity Description
Research Surveys, canvassing, and ethnographic research on user and market trends and ‘bends’ (the forces countering trends)
Analysis Competitive, cognitive, and technological product and platform analysis
Consulting Strategic advisory engagement on products and marketing
Outreach Thought leadership-based, futures-oriented content and activities promoted through the Gigaom website and social channels and speaking engagements

A typical engagement might include a survey of customer preferences (research), an internal report about that survey (analysis), a meeting with the vendor’s product team to understand the implications of those finding on product direction (consulting), and sponsored activities including blog posts, publication of the report, and production of webinars, all elaborating on the research and analysis and their importance for the market for the client’s products (outreach).


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We offer integrated advertising programs across all of our topic areas. With a strong mobile reach of over 2 million monthly readers we have a campaign offering to fit any client’s budget and marketing goals. Please download our media kit for more detailed information or reach out to

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