gigaom-research-services-goodGigaom research services assist technology vendors as they navigate the marketplace through a blend of research, analysis, consulting, and outreach activities:

  • Consulting | Strategic advisory engagements with vendor product and marketing teams
  • Research | Surveys, canvassing, and ethnographic research on user and market trends
  • Analysis | Competitive, cognitive, and technological projects and marketing
  • Outreach | Thought leadership-based, futures-oriented sponsored content and activities promoted through Gigaom’s website and social channels

Gigaom is committed to creating strong working relationships with our clients, and we have found that the best way to build those relationships is through deep, long-term engagement. While we may undertake a one-off, short-term research project at the outset of a relationship, higher value comes from longer-term commitments.

A typical engagement might include the following elements:

  • A survey of customer preferences (research)
  • An internal report about that survey (analysis)
  • A meeting with the vendor’s product team to understand the implications of those findings on product direction (consulting)
  • Sponsored content including blog posts, report, and activities such as webinars, all elaborating on the research and analysis and their importance for the market for the client’s products (outreach).

Because different sorts of activities do not map directly to the time our analysts invest, we have adopted a service unit approach to pricing engagements, as opposed to an hourly or daily rate.

Though not required, we encourage clients to plan for a baseline of activities for a 12-month period and to acquire the units needed for a variety of services in that year. Discounts are available for volume purchases of service units.

Please contact for more information about research services.