Research Calendar

Our research calendar sets out to bring in-depth reports on this year’s most pressing topics and technology needs for the enterprise. Gigaom’s senior executive practitioners and analysts have 20+ years of experience and work directly with Large Enterprise Business Leaders, CIO’s, CDO’s, CISO’s and Technology organizations to modernize and transform Enterprise. This is the most exciting time to be in technology, Gigaom can enable you to balance risk and innovation.

If you are a vendor that would like to brief our analysts on these topics or an enterprise working on a strategic project please send an inquiry to sales@gigaom.com.

Upcoming Research

Title Abstract Topic(s) Analyst(s)
August 2019
Data Center at the Edge Data Center Steve Ginsberg
Object Storage Key Criteria Report Object Storage Enrico Signoretti
Zero Trust Cloud Security Provider Aporeto: Product Profile and Evaluation Cloud & Security and Risk William McKnight
Cloud IoT Development Platforms Abstract Internet of Things Mike Jennett
Microsoft Azure TPCE-E Benchmark Report Cloud William McKnight
Deception Technology for CyberSecurity Security and Risk Simon Gibson
Delivering Financial Services in the Digital Age Business Applications & Technology Ed Simnett
DevQualOps: Successful Testing For DevOps-Driven Innovation Abstract DevOps Jon Collins
From Pilot to Platform: How to Scale Up Enterprise Kubernetes Data & Analytics Jon Collins
Key Criteria for Evaluating HCI Abstract Multi Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Enrico Signoretti
Penetration Testing and Bug Bounties Abstract Security and Risk Simon Gibson
Robotic Process Automation in Digital Transformation Abstract Business Intelligence & DevOps Automation JP Morgenthal
Supporting Data Storage Architectures for AI/ML Market Abstract Artificial Intelligence & Data Management Enrico Signoretti
In Progress
Cloud Data Lakes: Price-Performance Field Test Data Lake William McKnight
Enterprise Analytics Report Data & Analytics Andrew Brust
Strategic Approaches to Cloud Performance and Management Abstract Cloud David Linthicum
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Report (CI/CD) Report DevOps Jon Collins
DevSecOps, Shifting Security to the Left to Protect the Enterprise Abstract DevOps Jon Collins
DevQualOps Testing Report Abstract DevOps Jon Collins
Network Strategy at the Edge Report Abstract Networking Steve Ginsberg
State of Information Security Abstract Security and Risk Simon Gibson
Data Center at the Edge Report Data Center Infrastructure Steve Ginsberg
Cyber Threat Hunting - Next Generation SIEM Report Abstract Cyber Security Simon Gibson

Recently Published Research

Title Abstract Topic(s) Analyst(s)
Business Intelligence Market Consolidation Andrew J. Brust
Performance Management for Complex Multi-Cloud Deployments Cloud & Multi Cloud and Hybrid Cloud David S. Linthicum
Leveling Up DevOps Security DevOps & Security and Risk Jon Collins
Emerging Approaches to Cloud-Native Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Cloud & Technology David S. Linthicum
Enterprise ​Data Lakes: Using AI and Analytics Across All Your Data Data Lake Andrew J. Brust
Enterprise Business Intelligence Business Intelligence & Innovation Andrew J. Brust
Enabling Digital Transformation with Hybrid Cloud Data Management Cloud & Data Management & Multi Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Enrico Signoretti
Modernizing Insurance Data Platforms to Improve Governance and Enrich Customer Experience Business Intelligence & Data & Analytics William McKnight
Value Stream Management Abstract DevOps Jon Collins
Advanced Behavioral Analytics and Threat Detection: Next-Gen Info Security and Network Defense Abstract Security and Risk Simon Gibson
Key Criteria for Evaluating Enterprise Block Storage Cloud Storage Enrico Signoretti
Driving Business Performance Through Application Performance Management APM Jon Collins
Cloud Data Warehouse Performance Testing Data & Analytics & Data Warehouse William McKnight
Connecting Clouds Cloud Steve Ginsberg
Enterprise-Level Mobile and IoT Security Internet of Things & Security and Risk Mike Jennett
Secure Multi-Cloud Storage for Highly Regulated Environments Multi Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Enrico Signoretti
DevOps Orchestration in a Cloud-Native World Cloud & DevOps Jon Collins
What is in an API? Data APIs JP Morgenthal
Data/Cloud Storage, The Foundation Layer of Cloud 2.0 Cloud & Cloud Storage Enrico Signoretti
The New Ecosystem of Identity Access Management Identity & Security and Risk Simon Gibson