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Solution Brief

VMware Tanzu Portfolio v1.0

Executive Summary for Strategy Planning

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VMware is the leader in data center virtualization solutions and is now enthusiastically approaching the Kubernetes ecosystem with a broad product portfolio encompassing core infrastructure as well as multi-cloud solutions under the Tanzu umbrella brand. VMware’s solutions are aimed at transitioning the enterprise from a traditional virtualized infrastructure to a mixed environment made up of virtual machines and cloud-native applications, ready for multi-cloud deployments.

The company is reaching out to a ready market. Enterprises are moving quickly to engage hybrid cloud infrastructures, while showing strong interest in developing multi-cloud strategies over the next two years. VMware’s effort to build a foundation for mixed environments of virtualized and containerized applications in a multi-cloud scenario should appeal to these organizations.

Stated briefly, VMware is working to support vertical and horizontal IT hybridization. It offers a complete, easy-to-upgrade Kubernetes runtime, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG), with pre-integrated and validated components that can run in the data center, on public clouds and at the edge. The latest version of its core virtualization product, vSphere 7 with Kubernetes, now incorporates TKG. In addition, the VMware Cloud Foundation stack is supported by major and local cloud providers. These offerings enable users to work seamlessly with virtual machines (VMs) and containers, bridging the gap between traditional and developer-driven operations (DevOps). They also allow the enterprise to deploy the same application across on-premises and public cloud infrastructures.

Of particular interest in this area is Tanzu Mission Control, a tool that provides full visibility into Kubernetes clusters in different infrastructures while offering complete, policy-based lifecycle and federation management.

Additionally, the Tanzu portfolio includes elements to support enterprise software development and lifecycle management, including:

  • Tanzu Application Service: Acquired in the Pivotal purchase, this application platform enables companies to deploy across all cloud platforms with a consistent developer experience.
  • Tanzu Observability: This tool provides a single platform for visibility into all applications in production for faster troubleshooting and remediation.

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