Unlocking big data’s potential with search

1 Summary

Big data tools such as Cassandra and Hadoop are transforming how data is stored and creating a wide range of possibilities for new ways in which it can be exploited at scale. But without similarly capable search technologies, enterprise adopters face significant challenges in formulating questions capable of returning timely and meaningful answers.

Enterprise search, until recently considered a solved problem, is facing renewed interest as organizations collect and store more and more data and seek effective ways to extract the insights that big data’s hype has promised. Open-source tools such as Apache Lucene/Solr offer ways to enrich the search capabilities of big data tools like Hadoop, increasing their power and integrating them more closely with the enterprise, its business requirements, and its legacy data sources.

This report explores how established search technologies are being integrated with big data tools to meet real business requirements, both on-premise and in the cloud.