Themes for a connected world: GigaOM RoadMap review

1 Summary

The GigaOM RoadMap conference on Nov. 10 gathered leaders and visionaries to discuss how, thanks to technological and generational shifts, society as a whole is becoming more connected — not only in the media we consume and the social networks we use but also in the way we interact with devices and manage our resources.

This research note takes a look back on the event in order to analyze this new era of connectivity across various industries. We hear from Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Square, on the idea that technology should make us “more human,” not less, and we explore the concept of “invisible technology” found in products such as Siri. We also discuss data, the fuel of the new century, which will eventually create better efficiency across work, play, commerce, health care and government.

Companies mentioned in this report include Airbnb, Amazon, Apple, Arista Networks, Microsoft, Netflix, Square, Twitter and Wal-Mart.