The new building blocks for IT: OpenStack, continuous delivery, and devops

1 Summary

The key building blocks of a modern IT organization include a highly flexible infrastructure, an automated software delivery life cycle, and a devops-driven IT organization. These capabilities are essential to ensuring that IT remains relevant in an era of continuous change to customer-facing services and automated business operations.

This report focuses in particular on OpenStack as an underlying cloud platform to support this new type of organization. In addition, it examines a handful of ecommerce and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers and the challenges these companies seek to solve by adopting a more agile software development and deployment process using OpenStack.

Key issues this report addresses are:

  • Defining the continuous delivery (CD) approach
  • Deploying the cloud as the CD infrastructure: public to private
  • Choosing OpenStack as an infrastructure platform on which to build a private cloud
  • Addressing the benefits and disadvantages of the OpenStack community
  • Moving toward a continuous delivery model to reap the full benefits of a cloud platform
  • Defining the role of devops