The evolving mobile network: from slide-deck presentations to deployment

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Beyond LTE and HSPA
  4. Emerging consensus
  5. Implementing change: deploying small cells
  6. Implementing change: more open questions and innovation
  7. About Monica Paolini


We have all seen the Cisco VNI graph, which shows mobile data growing 18 times over the next five years, in a presentation deck. It makes a strong case for the need of mobile networks to evolve — in fact, to fundamentally change — to reflect the transition from voice- to data-centric usage models.

Yet to make these changes in operating networks, it is crucial to move beyond compelling graphics and understand what requirements new usage models impose on the network infrastructure and how they can be most effectively met with the solutions commercially available. To successfully address the increase in data traffic, operators need to act on multiple fronts, because no single solution will be sufficient in isolation.

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