The big data tsunami meets the next generation of smart-grid companies

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Meter data management systems (MDMS): going beyond the first wave of smart-grid big data applications
  4. Apply IT to commercial and industrial demand response: GridMobility, SCIenergy, Enbala Power Networks
  5. Using IT to transform consumer behavior
  6. Finally, the customer
  7. About Adam Lesser

1. Summary

Many have predicted a “big data tsunami” that will transform the energy sector and open an entirely new market for smart-grid data analytics. In short, utilities are becoming information technology companies, and the future market will revolve around helping utilities manage the energy Internet.

Stepping into the fray is the next generation of smart-grid companies, which this report profiles. It is a diverse group that includes a cast of characters from relatively mature players like Tendril to very young companies like GridMobility. Many would say they don’t need smart meters to implement their products but rather that a smart meter makes their products much more effective. Smart meter or not, what has changed is that utilities are becoming proactive and are looking at computing and data as an opportunity to improve load balance, better address outages, and shape consumer behavior to save energy.

This research note will also appear in the forthcoming GigaOM Pro report “A near-term outlook for big data,” which will be published in conjunction with GigaOM’s Structure:Data event on March 21. Structure:Data takes place on March 21 and 22.

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