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Vendor Profile

StorageOS v1.0

Key Criteria for Evaluating Data Storage for Kubernetes

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Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. About the Vendor Profile
  3. Key Criteria Analysis
  4. Evaluation Metrics Analysis
  5. Bottom Line
  6. About Enrico Signoretti


StorageOS is a cloud-native solution for persistent data storage in Kubernetes environments. It supports CSI specifications and is compatible with major commercial distributions and hosted Kubernetes services, enabling them to build hybrid cloud infrastructures. The friendly licensing model, with a free development tier for up to 500GB of capacity, helps to build dev and test environments with minimal investment, while evaluating the solution for production. StorageOS is a young startup, but the product has been one of the first to hit the market, with a large community of users.

Target Market Categories and Deployment Types

Table 1: Vendor Positioning

Market positioning: StorageOS is a lightweight and straightforward solution that can work with clusters of all sizes. Support subscriptions are simple, on capacity or node basis, and the product can be deployed both on-premises and the cloud, making the solutions very flexible. Performance, capacity, and cost grow predictably with the size of the infrastructure, allowing organizations of all sizes to start small and grow depending on business needs.

Deployment model: StorageOS deploys inside containers in the Kubernetes cluster. It is designed specifically for Kubernetes; therefore storage resources cannot be provisioned to virtual infrastructures or physical systems.

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