State of Work Technology 2018: Volume 1 Work Management

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Strategy and Business Considerations
  3. Technology Evolution and Landscape
  4. Work Management Players
  5. Conclusion and Projections
  6. About Stowe Boyd

1. Summary

Today, work management is a continuum of products ranging from super-sophisticated project work management solutions to more intuitive, lighter-weight, team-oriented work management tools.

The high-end project work management tools are characterized by deep investment in, and emphasis on, complex, large-scale project visualization; analysis; and reporting of task dependencies; assignment of tasks to teams, sub teams, and individuals; and capabilities for cost and time projections.

The team-oriented work management tools are characterized by project-oriented management and the sharing of tasks and related data, with an emphasis on in context discussion about the work represented by tasks and their various representations and visualizations.

We are also witnessing increased emphasis on automation of defined processes, such as approval cycles or other workflows, as a means of increased productivity and standardization.

This is part one of our Work Technology Series. Read the series introduction here.

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