Shifting to a Cloud Database Mindset

Patterns, Mechanics, Risks, and Rewards

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Migrating the DBMS to the Cloud
  4. The Future of Cloud Database Platforms and CockroachDB
  5. Analyst’s Take
  6. About Andrew Brust

1. Summary

Most technologists are accustomed to vendors’ bold—sometimes hyperbolic—claims of how easy the cloud journey can be and the multitude of benefits that organizations that make the journey can expect. It is especially true in the database platform arena—not just for analytics-focused platforms but also for operational databases, the de facto workhorses of modern-day business.

What gets lost in all the bravado and sometimes trite pontification from experts, is a nuts-and-bolts discussion of properly migrating a database to the cloud to maximize the value of this new infrastructure. What’s also missing is recognition that there are multiple legitimate approaches to cloud database migration, along with accessible, cogent descriptions of each such approach.

With an eye toward resolve, this report will describe and evaluate three very distinct approaches to migrating a DBMS to the cloud. We’ll look at the salient features of, and relative differences between, each of the approaches and strive for a balance that avoids oversimplification but also makes the discussion comprehensible and actionable.

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