Selecting a Platform for Big Data

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Data Management Today
  3. Hadoop Use Patterns
  4. Hadoop Ecosystem Evolution
  5. Hadoop in the Cloud
  6. Hadoop Data Integration
  7. Hadoop Ecosystem Categories
  8. Evaluation Criteria for Hadoop in the Cloud
  9. Conclusions and Takeaways
  10. Sponsorship
  11. About William McKnight

1. Summary

Move from Strategy to Building Your Enterprise a Cost-Effective & Scalable Hadoop Cluster

Data leadership is a solid business strategy today and many companies have made strides towards adopting Hadoop, yet have trepidation in making the final leap. This report addresses considerations in adopting Hadoop, classifies the Hadoop ecosystem vendors, and provides selection criteria for elements of the Hadoop cluster.

This report cuts out all the non-value-added noise about Hadoop and presents a minimum viable product (MVP) for building a Hadoop cluster for the enterprise that is both cost-effective and scalable.

This approach encapsulates broad enterprise knowledge and foresight borne of numerous Hadoop lifecycles through production and iterations. It gets the Hadoop cluster up and running fast and will ensure that it is scalable to the enterprise’s needs.

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