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Secure Multi-Cloud Storage for Highly Regulated Environments v1.0

A Forward-Looking Solution Analysis

Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Challenges of Multi-Cloud
  3. Leonovus for Secure Multi-Cloud Storage
  4. Key Takeaways
  5. About Enrico Signoretti


Security, privacy, level of data protection, and compliance requirements have become noticeably challenging in highly regulated industries. Most storage systems do not have the proper characteristics to comply with these kinds of requests, nor the flexibility (or costs) that would make this type of infrastructure sustainable over time. In fact, all recent regulations impose very strict rules on several aspects of data storage, including:

  • Auditability, including immutability of logs,
  • Retention times, mandating duration or whether it is necessary,
  • Data sovereignty, mostly concerned with protecting personal information from access by foreign countries,
  • Data security, often involving not only privacy but data integrity and availability as well.

Even more so, cloud storage, which has been a very flexible solution adopted by many organizations, is not always a viable option and can not be adopted as-is, because of lack of control on where data actually resides, and concerns on how it is managed by the provider. It is an issue which has been debated for quite some time now.

Most organizations have reacted to these ever demanding requirements on their organizational and infrastructure levels by introducing the position of CDO (Chief Data Officer). A role responsible for data assets and governance, while also seeking out innovative tools that can bring together the flexibility and agility of cloud storage, with the level of security and control required by the regulations in place.

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